IFTTT Applets now available!

We’re happy to announce that HAVEN IAQ is now available on IFTTT!

This is the first of many steps for automating IAQ through automations. We’ve made some template applets for quickstart (such as interfacing with Honeywell/Lennox thermostats, and for TP Link Kasa plugs/switches), but you can make your own custom applets too.

You can connect your HAVEN IAQ account to IFTTT to use readings from your own home to automate things. The HAVEN Monitor Temperature, Humidity, VOCs, and PM2.5 readings are triggers that are used during the “If” step of the IFTTT automations. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with it:

  • Turn on a (dumb) air purifier connected through a smart plug during high PM events
  • Turn on a bathroom fan via a smart switch during high VOC or Humidity events
  • Add an event to your calendar during an IAQ event to keep a log of when your Monitor readings crossed a certain thresholds
  • Export IAQ events to a Google Sheet
  • Make your smart lights change color based on IAQ events

Some things to note:

  • The homeowner / device owner would set this up for themselves; this is not configured by the technician on site. Also, all configuration of this service is inside of IFTTT.com or via the IFTTT App - not the HAVEN IAQ pro portal or app.
  • IFTTT Applets are very limited - they are meant for a very simple If This Then That logic. It’s not meant for complex automations. Also, you need one applet for turning on a device and another for turning it off after the air is back to healthy limits.
  • More than 3 Applets require a paid account. If you want to do lots of automations with IFTTT, we recommend subscribing to their Pro service. In the future, the HAVEN IAQ mobile app will include more complex automations that are configured directly inside of the app without needing an IFTTT account.

We’ll soon be publishing a video and training materials on how to use IFTTT to improve the air quality in your homes.

So…what are you going to automate with HAVEN IAQ on IFTTT? :slight_smile:

Has anyone in here used IFTTT to trigger an action using Haven? I’m ideally looking for an IFTTT compatible motion detector to bring on the HRV when someone enters the washroom. There’s no way to run wires to the basement, but the HRV is controlled by Haven, so I was hoping someone had tried this before. I was going to try using the WeMo light switch in place of the existing light switch to trigger it, but it needs the negative wire and I’m not sure if in the bathroom they ran it with a common or just a switch leg. If it’s just a switch leg I’m not sure what other solutions might be available. Anyone?

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I have IFTTT setup to trigger my bathroom fan when Haven detects humidity above 60%.
Having said that, I think what you are trying to do will take a little more finesse and I would suggest talking with @Ben regarding this. Since you would be triggering (I will assume) terminal 1 on the Haven Controller based on the motion sensor and NOT the Haven Monitor data, I am not sure it can be done easily (or currently).

@Ben Any thoughts on this? Im fairly new to this home automation thing. I would have thought that through IFTTT that the control contacts would be able to be closed based on input from another device. I have done lots of BAS stuff in commercial and assumed it would work the same where i could command a relay open or closed. But of course thats all been with equipment wired to BACnet or Metasys.

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Or perhaps @graham might have input as well? Assuming its graham the tech support guy?

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@BrianF The way the Haven platform (hardware and software) is designed, there is currently no way to have the Controller terminals trigger other than by the Haven software/platform.

Use a wireless outlet. They make many that work with IFTTT instead of the switch… They also make wifi motion detectors that can be coupled up with it… Amazon sells some for like $18

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Thank you. That is exactly what I ended up doing and it worked perfectly!