HAVEN IAQ - New Feature Release: Dashboard & Score (App version 4.17)

We’re incredibly excited to announce our new, much-anticipated Dashboard and HAVEN Score! They’re finally LIVE! Can we get a HA-VEN?! :pray:

So what does this mean for you? :thinking:

You’ll notice the first page you land on when you open up the app is completely transformed. It’s a quick, consolidated overview of everything related to your air, comfort and equipment in one place to provide you that peace of mind you’re looking for. How are your HAVEN Score, indoor air quality readings and HVAC equipment doing in real time? How were they in the last Day, Week and Month?

Think of every “card” as a little breadcrumb, a way for you to access the most important areas in your HAVEN experience:

HAVEN SCORE :abacus:

Click through to the HAVEN Score to discover what Subscores are doing well and which ones may need a bit of love! All Scores are out of 100, that being the highest you can get — time for some friendly competition between you and your other HAVEN friends!

Swipe through the Subscore cards to see what kinds of activities can have positive and negatives effects on your score!

INDOOR AIR QUALITY READINGS :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Dig into your IAQ for those of you that like the data and want to see some trends throughout your week.

AIR HANDLER :wind_face:

No matter whether you have Automations setup, you’ll see at least one piece of equipment featured: your main air handler that’s supplying your home with circulation. The Dashboard will show you if it’s on or off, and whether your home is getting enough Air Circulation throughout the last day, week and month.


If you DO have Automations setup, you’ll not only get to see if the equipment is active, but why: is it providing regular circulation or is it being toggled on, actively managing an air quality issue that HAVEN has detected. Click through to manage your equipment activation preferences.


Last but not least, you’ll see how many days are left until your filter needs changing! When it starts getting closer to the change date, we’ll make sure you know exactly what size to buy or tell your HVAC technician to bring next time they’re at your house to service your equipment.

So have fun exploring the app through the new Dashboard and Score lenses. We hope you enjoy it and also want to hear what you think! Where can it be improved!

Talk soon,
Lucy & the HAVEN Product team


Can’t wait to give it a try! My app didn’t seem to update to this version. Do I have to do it manually?


Mine didn’t either…it was on 4.12 (oops, I should really update my apps more often haha) and I needed to go into the App Store to manually do it. I’m on Android.


Loving the holistic score this is giving me! 89 is an A :wink:


Very nice HAVEN people! I really like how it’s more about what I’m doing at home now, I never really understood the specific PM2.5 and ppb numbers before, except for when they were colored to match obviously.

I’ve learned that my system needs to be on much more frequently by way of elimination from the other “Negative impact” points there. I think my lack of Air Movement is bringing down all my other scores! Going to adjust my Automation settings — I’ll keep you posted on the results!


Hey Summer!

Depending on your phone settings, you may have to update your apps automatically. You should be able to change this in your phone’s App Settings!



@Shonaa_Ch000 - I just posted some links for app updating tips. Hope it helps!


Glad to hear it @eva_wood!


I had no idea! Thanks