How come some of my rooms are colder/warmer than others?

I’ve noticed that there’s a big difference between my living room and bedroom. I’m needing to use space heaters at night in the bedroom, even though my central heating system is on too. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, right? Should things be the same? How do I make sure that the hot air is being evenly distributed through my home. Thanks.


How many floors do you have?

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Now that you mention it, a few of my rooms are like this too. My son is always complaining that his room is too cold at night and needs multiple blankets during the winter. We’ve also gotten him a space heater but that tends to make the room way too dry and he wakes up with a sore throat. It’s too bad we can’t automate the space heater so that it turns off when the temperature reaches optimal levels during the night.

Do you have a vent in the bedroom?

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