CO₂ sensor for Monitor

Any plans to add a CO₂ sensor to the Monitor or offer one separately?


@joel.b Thanks for writing! We are actually including a CO2 sensor in some devices that we’re currently organizing some beta testing for. We’d love to know what your use case would be for including CO2. Can you share with us?

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Demand controlled ventilation. High particulate and/or VOC levels could trigger a ventilation demand, but a response to high CO₂ levels would be nice too. In commercial buildings with demand controlled ventilation, which is increasingly required by building codes, CO₂ concentration is a common measurement used to command ventilation rates.


@joel.b yes we’ve heard this request a lot, and appreciate you taking the time to let us know. I’ll message you about joining the CO2 beta testing.

I’d love to be involved! Thanks!

Me too! I would love to be involved as well!