Request: Outdoor weather data

having local outdoor weather data, and local outdoor AQI data worked in to the device is essential as the Controller is going to need it to be able to decide if it should over-ride a call for ventilation based on outdoor conditions. This should include not only outdoor temp and humidity but also AQI index so as to determine the cleanliness of the air as well.


Love this! Outdoor Air Data access has been in our backlog for a long time, and we hope to have resources to add it to our software interface soon! When we do implement outdoor air, we think the following would be valuable:

  • Hourly Weather: Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, /“Feels Like” temperature, Wind Speed/Direction, Precipitation
  • Hourly Air Quality: AQI, and breakdowns of PM 2.5, PM 10, CO, SO2, NO2, and O3

We also could provide access to historical averages, like Degree Days Heating/Cooling, snowfall, solar radiation, etc.

What do you guys think? Out of those items above, what’s the most important, least important, and what’s missing?


I believe that covers most of it. Having said that, information specific to wildfire smoke would also be good.

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Aqi breakdown seems most important to me. Pollen count for people with seasonal allergies.

List is perfect in my opinion.


List looks good to me