Request: Account administration

I recently had the desire to sign-in to my Haven account using my Google Auth.
Originally, I had not signed in this way, and wanted to try it so that my Google Calendar would properly communicate with my Haven account once I am ready to attempt IFTTT.
This brought me to the realization that there is no way for the contractor to change the associated email address or password for their account. This was disappointing to say the least. This seems like an extremely basic and necessary function for any web-based product, and hope to see that this is added in for our security. A contractor needs to be able to change this information. Heaven (or Haven :slight_smile: ) forbid that a contractor have a change in staff one day and one of the former staff members was responsible for the monitoring, the contractor must be able to change the password (at least) to ensure security protocols are adhered to

Love it! We’re working on an “Account Linking” feature that will enable any user to link multiple login methods and accounts together, so that no matter which method is used they will see the same data.

I’ll try to write up those details in a #homeowner-roadmap post sometime soon!

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I appreciate the feedback, @Ben
Looking forward to all the new updates!