Meet Team HAVEN!

Hello everyone! I’m Lorne, a senior software developer at HAVEN. I’m not the kind of person that you will hear from all the time, but I’m always there working away in the background. Any technical aspects of how the system works come through me. We’re always making tweaks to our Pro Portal and our Apps to improve your use of HAVEN.

I love working on this project because of the impact it has on people’s lives. IAQ is a hidden danger that affects everyone. It’s nice to be able to bring it out of the shadows to be more top of mind. My vision is to build the knowledge where we can all come together to find solutions for our respective IAQ issues and improve our quality of life.

Outside of work, you can find me playing table top games, biking, hiking and reading a good book. Feel free to reach out any time! Looking forward to seeing you around.


Ey up! I’m Christina, HAVEN’s adopted Yorkshirewoman. My role here is Marketing Coordinator which spans everything from running our social media accounts to copy writing, SWAG selection and beyond. I have a varied background in business economics, events, account management, and marketing which served as the perfect foundation for finding a home at HAVEN. I’ve always held onto the glassy-eyed dream of finding a job where I’m contributing to positive change in the world, and though it’s been a while now (I joined in March 2021) I still can’t quite believe my luck in finding that in a team as wonderful as this!

I caught the travel bug at an early age and have been lucky enough to explore much of Europe, SE Asia, Fiji and even campervan around the breathtaking New Zealand in 2015. I set my sights on a life in Vancouver back in 2014 and, though it was a bumpy ride there for a while, finally made it this year alongside my partner and our adopted floofy friends.

I have ‘a’ savory tooth (the rest are all sweet) so home baking has become a serious hobby/necessity over the years - though you’ll rarely catch me making the same recipe twice! I love nothing more than dreaming up new flavor combinations and cherry-picking recipe components to make someone’s sugary dreams come true… let’s just say it’s a good job I also enjoy a varied fitness routine including yoga, calisthenics, and running.

I’m a social soul and always keen to learn about our users - add me on LinkedIn and let’s chat!


Hello, my name is Vlad. My role as HAVEN is to develop the technologies that make it possible to deliver on our mission. I work on our optical particle detector, our gas phase sensors, IOT stack and so much more. I then work to make those technologies manufacturable, so we can get the products into as many homes as possible. Scaling up production is one of my passions, using sophisticated processes it’s possible to reduce costs while getting higher quality and that always feels like magic.

I started my career in science working in biochemistry labs on genetics, protein folding and synthetic biology. This gave me a grounding in protocols and how exact you have to be to make complex systems work. I once constructed a 3D printer which used two lasers of different wavelengths to induce gene expression in an engineered bacteria to produce an enzyme to create a subtractive manufacturing technique. I later pivoted into embedded system development and worked for an engineering firm supporting technology companies from startups to FAANGs.

At HAVEN I have learned to understand how to find the overlap between what’s possible and what can be used in practice by people and industry. I am passionate about making a product that, years later, everyone wonders how they ever lived without. Even if it’s out of sight and fully automated.

When I am not in the lab or a factory, I am traveling, scuba diving and making LED art. I recently learned how to free dive. I hope to use that skill to swim next to a whale shark someday.


Hi, my name is Semyon. I have been an Electrical Engineer in HAVEN team since 2021. I’m responsible for the hardware in our products meaning I design, assemble and test PCBs. I work closely with the rest of the Hardware team to create the best-performing products.

I’ve been working with hardware for 5 years, which gave me an opportunity to work with different projects in various areas. I worked on the full development cycle from idea to mass manufacturing. That helped me to understand and appreciate every stage of development.

Since I moved to BC with my wife - we fell in love with Vancouver. We enjoy going on hikes, exploring the outdoors, and eating gelato. I also love spending my time on the couch playing video games and DnD.

You can find me on LinkedIn


Greetings Good Folks,
Michael Horan here, Inside Sales Mgr, welcoming our new Contractors on board.
I am a native of Vancouver, and come from an extensive sales background, including Telecom and Recruiting. I’m married, with two daughters currently in University.

When not busy on-boarding and assisting new Contractors, helping them with their IAQ Strategy and developing ‘Go-to-Market’ sales initiatives, I try my darndest to maintain an 8 handicapp on our wonderful Vancouver BC area golf courses!

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Hello there! I’m Armin and I am a data science co-op student in the Engineering team. Some of my responsibilities include testing our products, and collecting and analyzing relevant data to find trends and characteristics.

I’m currently studying physics at Simon Fraser University. My degree has allowed me to gain experience working in different fields such as material characterization, nanofabrication, and now IAQ at HAVEN. Being a part of the HAVEN team has provided a great opportunity for me to apply what I have learned in school and and gain new skills. It has also introduced me to a group of dedicated and hard-working people who I work with and am grateful for.

Outside of work, I like to cycle, play the guitar, photograph, learn new things and watch old movies. Two of my favourites are Papillion (1973) and Bicycle Thieves (1948).


Hola Todos! This is Marilyn Crockett and I am the Senior Finance Controller (AKA the bean counter) here in HAVEN. I joined Haven in July 2021 and I am responsible for Finance, Accounting and Payroll. I have many years of experience in Finance and Accounting mostly in the technology industry. I am a nature lover and had always wanted to work in green technology that make a positive impact to the environment and help people – Haven do just that.

I am a team player and proud to be in the Haven Team where Team Play is right up there with collaboration, innovation, engagement, cultural and care.

I came to Canada from the Philippines when I was 16 and settled in Vancouver Lower Mainland since then. Outside of work, I enjoy road trips, nature walks, reading, dancing, gourmet cooking, baking, spending time with loved ones and doting on my 2-year-old grandson.

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