Are plants supposed to help improving IAQ? My HAVEN Monitor did’nt detect any changes

So, I live in a place with pretty poor air quality and I have a HAVEN Monitor to see what’s going on. I had my filter replaced with a HEPA filter and got a few indoor plants. I’m not sure why I don’t see any changes. Any suggestions?


I’m pretty sure that plants actually negatively affect IAQ, so my guess would be that your HEPA filter actually cancels out the pollution created by the plants - that’s why you don’t see any difference.


So sad to hear that plants don’t actually improve the air in my home :’( @Summer do you know why that is?

Over the course of the pandemic, I have become a plant mom. It started with a cute little cactus that I picked up at the market. It was so easy to take care of and brightened up the place and before you know it, I had way too many. I’ve expanded past succulents and really adore my monstera :heart: Will likely not get rid of my plants even if they aren’t good for indoor air quality but would be open to ways I can make sure bad health effects are minimal!!!


To my knowledge @Joanniiee, the idea that houseplants help improve IAQ comes solely from the fact that plants will take the excess CO2 that we humans create and convert it back into O2 for us. That’s it.
As far as why houseplants can hinder good IAQ, it comes down to what you are using in the soil such as fertilizers or MiracleGrow, what type of soil, whether or not the soil is covered or uncovered, and how often you disturb the soil.
In my experience, the top layer of soil an sometimes become contaminated with mold or mildew due to low airflow and lack of soil maintenance. Keep in mind however that turning the soil will also release particulate matter. It may be best to do your plant maintenance near an exhaust fan or open window. This may help reduce the negative IAQ effects created during plant maintenance. (Theory of mine)


Interesting! I guess going to the balcony for re-potting plants is a good idea, less of a mess inside too :slight_smile:


I read this article about how plants are good for our health in other ways. Being around them can help our productivity, mood and reduction in stress! So the benefits IMO outweigh any negatives!


Haha can confirm! I went through a phase where I was obsessed with succulents and making arrangements in terrariums but did absolutely no research on how to make sure the water and air would circulate/drain properly. The results were not pretty, especially since I did it in a glass fish bowl :laughing:


Eek, did it get moldy?


There was some…growth…but I did not investigate closely haha :laughing:


Do you think it can jump from one plant pot to another? :worried:


agreed @v.mitch79. having plants is best. it just takes some management efforts, but I’d rather have the plants. used to have some really nice ones until my cat got at them