What is the Wishlist Category?

Hi there!

At Team TZOA, we know that our customers shape our product features and direction. All of you have great ideas regarding how HAVEN can help solve IAQ problems in your homes. We’re created the HAVEN Wishlist category here in the forum to allow you to add your ideas and vote on others.

If you are a HAVEN Pro user looking for the Pro Wishlist, please head over to the Pro Wishlist.

Topic Posting

Before making your own post, please perform a search in the forum for existing Roadmap and Wishlist Categories to see if the idea is already posted. If you can’t find the idea in those lists, please start your own topic! Keep each topic limited to one feature request; if you have multiple feature requests, please separate them by posting multiple topics. If a similar topic already exists, a forum moderator may link to the existing topic and close the new one.

Voting & Commenting on Topics

Topics in the Wishlist Category can be voted on by all forum users. The more votes a topic has, the more likely it will be considered for implementation by Team TZOA. Adding your use cases to topics will help the team to better understand how you want to use the feature.

Wishlist Topic Statuses

Team TZOA will update wishlist topics with “locked tags” that lets users understand if the feature is something that might be implemented. Locked tags are as follows:

  • researching - The idea is being researched by Team TZOA, but it’s not selected for development.
  • maybe-later - The idea is being considered, but it Team TZOA won’t be working on it in the near future.
  • probably-not - The idea has been reviewed but it’s not likely to be implemented as a feature. Team TZOA will comment on these topics to explain why the idea is not a fit, and some topics may be dusted off in the future when the time is right.

From Wishlist to Roadmap

After a Wishlist item has been voted on, comments have been added, and research is complete, TEAM TZOA may move a #wishlist topic into the #roadmap category.

Looking forward to reviewing your awesome ideas! :grinning: